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Unique and beneficial Uses of PDF You Probably didn't know!

Uses of PDF files: Interesting Ways to Use Your PDFs

Not sure which format you want to share a document? Or you don't know the software the recipient is using? Try PDF.

When you are sharing a document, you want the recipient to be able to open it easily. The best way to ensure this happens is by converting your doc to PDF.

Sending in PDF means you're dealing with a format that's not platform-independent; therefore, the recipient can "open" and view it from any operating system they use.

That is to say; if you create a PDF document in Windows, you and the recipients of the document can view the file in UNIX or Mac.

The cross-platform feature makes it an ideal format to share files over the internet. Learn more about the uses of PDF files.

Why You Should Use PDF files 

Here are some of the reasons why PDFs are ideal:

The document doesn't change despite the operating system it is viewed from, or software used.

It is easy to merge several non-PDF documents into a PDF document; therefore, graphs, images, and text can all be presented in one PDF doc.

PDF documents are smaller than most popular image formats such as PNG and JPEG. Moreover, if you have a big PDF file, i.e., an Ebook, you can compress it with the various online tools available.

A PDF document has an all-rounded nature that allows the file to be opened in any computer that the file is shared to.

How to use PDF files: Discover the 7 Unique Uses 

Due to the above benefits, PDF documents are helpful in a wide variety of ways. Let's take a more in-depth look at the different ways you can put PDF documents in to use.

 Creating a client portfolio

As a small business owner looking to grow, a professional portfolio of the services or products that you are using is a must-have. These include:

      Samples of your recent work
      Client testimonials
      Business information and contacts
      Service description

Everything that is needed for the client to get a glimpse of the services you are offering should be in the client portfolio. A PDF document will ensure that this information is presented in a quality and neat way.

Creating a cover letter and an excellent Resume.

Have you just graduated and in a job search? Some of the critical documents that you should carry with you when applying for jobs are the cover letter and Resume. They summarize your education information and background for the employer to view easily.

PDFs are an excellent format to present these documents. They are easy to send through email, and you can be sure that the recipient will receive a well formatted and accurate document.

For a modern way of presenting critical visual aids, you end up with an image file that you can convert from PNG or JPEG to a PDF to protect the quality of the image.

Writing and publishing e-books

Are you an aspiring author? Self-publishing books is an excellent way of expressing your expertise and creative ideas in your respective fields of professionalism.

Being an independent publisher has never been easier than in this era where tools are available and free for you to write, edit, and publish your work.The format that is widely accepted by most digital publishing companies is the PDF format.

It is ideal for sharing and maintaining the quality of your text, so you don't have to worry about the presentation of your work to a reader.

Deliver Fancy presentations in the office

When you need to educate your office counterparts by giving out a well-detailed presentation, create a well-polished and neat PDF. Its ability to carry images tables, graphs, etc., helps you explain an idea or project details to your team.

Various types of documents can be merged into one PDF doc; therefore, you can include formatted content, screenshots, numbers, and any other content that you need to.

You can be sure that your work is secure from editing since it requires tools such as Adobe or any editing tool available as opposed to a word document. Plus you have the option of setting a password to restrict permissions to edit.

Travel docs and Medical Records 

If you are traveling for long distances, you may want to carry your office work, travel documents, or health records for use during the trip.

It is important, especially if you or your traveling counterparts have a medical condition or are on medication.

Be prepared and save yourself the last minute stress by combining all medical records for your family into one PDF document with information such as:

    Current prescription
    Contact information for a doctor
    Potential allergens
    Description of a medical condition
    Progress of treatment

Store the PDF in a USB drive and keep it together with your passports and other essential travel documents. You can learn how to use PDF creator online if you are not sure what to do.

Parent/Student info

As a happy parent, it is natural to receive numerous update emails about the progress of your kids in school.

Sometimes, kids involve themselves in extra-curriculum activities, which are also monitored by the school as part of the school progress.

This information can be hard to manage if present in different types of documents. Because you don't want to miss any of your kid's soccer games, or any activity they are involved in, you must take the necessary steps to help you remember.

Make it seamless for yourself by combining school information, schedules, and other details of your kid and merging them into one PDF document.

These docs make it easier to follow up on schedules so that you can never miss any of your kid's extracurricular activities.

Schools can also benefit from storing student information, parent meeting schedules, and any information that they want to share with parents in PDF documents.

This makes it easier to share the files, and the school can be confident that all parents will have an easy time opening the documents.

Employee details

Whether you are a business owner or a HR manager in charge of hiring in a company, one of the important things you should always have is an onboard packet.

It shares information about the team, company, office guidelines, benefits details, employee expectations, and dress code. Storing all this information as one document makes it easy to present the info to new hires.

Merge the information into a PDF and save yourself the trouble of locating multiple files and sharing them.

Business proposal

First impressions matter when you are looking for investors to fund your new business.

How you present your idea to them is critical in facilitating the closing of a deal. Information such as monthly revenues, profits, plans of expansion should always be given to the investor to help him have a glimpse of your idea.

When the investor requests for a proposal, you only have to share a single PDF document that will have all the information regarding your business. Efficient! Right?

Get a yes from your investors in a relaxed and stress-free way.

Final note

PDF documents have been around and will continue to be around since they are very easy to share, view, and present ideas in.

There are countless ways you can benefit from PDF documents. Now that you know how to use PDF files, you have to it your preferred format because they aren't going anywhere anytime soon!


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